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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Hawaii by County

Hawaii struggles with a unique substance abuse problem of its own. Since the 1990s, Hawaii became stricken with the worst per capita meth problem in the entire nation. This is a pretty known problem in Hawaii. In the last five to eight years though, Hawaiians have also been exposed to intensive opiate addiction to both heroin and opiate pain relievers.

This is the crisis in Hawaii. Such a problem of opiate dependence creates a dual addiction to two different drugs, and makes getting clean that much more difficult. Six out of ten addicts admit that upon entering treatment for addiction that they were only there because they ran out of drugs! With opiate addicts, they are much less likely to seek out treatment because they can go back and forth and back and forth between heroin and opiate pain drugs indefinitely, and they never really run out of substances.

Addressing the Drugs and Alcohol with Rehabilitation

The best way for any addict to become drug free is by going through an inpatient rehabilitation program. For an addict’s family members, it is best for them to try to convince their addicted loved one to seek out rehab. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health listed inpatient rehab centers as being the best courses of action for addicts to take part in. Some such rehab centers in Hawaii are:

  • Mckenna Recovery Center Ke Ala Pono Kauai is an inpatient rehab center in Lihue on Kauai. It offers the best services for meth and opiate addicts.
  • The Bobby Benson Center is a great inpatient rehab center on the Big Island.
  • Comprehensive Health and Attitude Management Program Inc. offers both inpatient detox and counseling on O’ahu.

(The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, www.drugabuse.gov, offers statistical data on substance abuse.)