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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Illinois by County

Like many states, Illinois has experienced a surge in substance abuse issues. The state has especially seen the increase in heroin abuse, and in opiate pain reliever abuse. This is mostly because Illinois is home to Chicago, the current heroin abuse capital of the entire country. According to the Trust for American Health, Chicago experiences a lot of different problems and crisis issues, but few seem to rival the ever-present issue of heroin abuse. It creates crime, it creates accidents, it causes overdoses, it kills people, and it ruins families. All in all, Illinois is in hot water when it comes to addiction. Problems like these are causing parents and family members of addicts to worry quite a bit. Rightly so too, when opiates like heroin and prescription pills take more lives than all other drugs combined.

Utilizing Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Illinois

The way to tackle an addiction and to get rid of it for good is through inpatient rehabilitation.  This is by far the most successful and the most beneficial course of action for any addict.  With inpatient rehabilitation, anyone who is addicted to anything can go free from their crisis for good.  Some of the rehab centers in Illinois that offer inpatient services are:

  • Rose Medical Association Inc. in Peoria which offers detox and rehab both.
  • Gateway Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Springfield is known across the state for having good counseling services.
  • Situated in Macomb, Western Illinois University AOD Resource Center offers counseling and research on addiction, setting itself forward as an educational rehab center.

(The Trust for American Health,, is an advocacy group for fighting the opiate war in the United States.)

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