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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Kentucky by County

Kentucky has always struggled with some addiction problems, but now the alcohol abuse issue in this state in particular has started to skyrocket. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention unearthed some impressive facts and statistics regarding alcohol abuse in the United States today, specifically in this state and in this general geographic area of the country.

These facts gathered in 2009 from the CDC for the state of Kentucky showed that the highest percentage in a decade that was measured for adults who had consumed more than 5 drinks a day was the decade from 2000 to 2010. The percentage of such adults who consumed more than five drinks a day was at an all-time high of twenty-three percent, making Kentucky one of the top if not the top state for addiction.

Tackling the Drug and Alcohol Problem in Kentucky

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is best addressed on an inpatient basis, because only inpatient treatment can really address all aspects of it. Some of the inpatient addiction rehab centers in Kentucky are:

  • The Hope Center Recovery Program is a resolute inpatient addiction rehab center in Lexington that focuses on inpatient detoxification and rehab both.
  • The Center for Behavioral Health KY Inc. in Frankfort extends its arms to all addicts of all ages, income levels, sexes, and addictions.
  • Patricia's Place is a small inpatient center in Lexington that services addicts on a person to person basis.

(The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, helps people by providing information on the exact health problems that are occurring in the nation.)