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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Vermont by County

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has been expanding and growing all across the country, with some states experiencing the problem in different ways. For example, Vermont has experienced this problem more so than others when it comes to alcoholism and alcohol abuse in general. For some reason, this state in particular has above average alcohol abuse problems and above average alcohol addiction crisis issues.

Getting the Upper Hand on Alcoholism with Addiction Rehabilitation

The best way to tackle a drug and alcohol addiction problem is with rehabilitation. As the number one problem in Vermont is with alcoholism, the state does offer some resources in the form of addressing substance abuse and really getting a handle on it. Just a few of these centers are:

  • The Recovery House Inc. Serenity House in Wallingford, Vermont provides detoxification, rehabilitation, aftercare, and sober living to those who need addiction support in this state.
  • Drug addiction in Brattleboro is best addressed at the Brattleboro Comprehensive Trt Center. This rehab center provides an excellent amount of help for the resident addicts in the Brattleboro area.
  • Underhill, Vermont has the Maple Leaf Treatment Center, Formerly Maple Leaf Farm to aide addicts in addressing their drug and alcohol addiction problems. This rehab center reaches out and provides assistance to addicts left and right in the community.

(The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism does wonders for the community by providing resources on alcohol abuse and alcoholism and on how to address these problems appropriately.)