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Last edited on: Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Virginia by County

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is one its way up all across the United States of America. This problem just keeps climbing and climbing and climbing with no sign of it coming down any time soon either. The solution? Rehabilitation. The solution in Virginia? Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation, rehabilitation, rehabilitation. This is key, key, key. Virginia is one of the number one crack cocaine problem areas in the United States. They suffer with crack cocaine addiction and in a big way too. But just like with any other state, this can be corrected here with rehabilitation. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health is especially supportive of addicts going into and through drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers and programs.

Working Through Addiction with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Substance abuse and addiction is a dangerous and worrisome problem that comes up a lot in different areas and different regions of the United States. Like is the case in most places, the best way to tackle this problem in Virginia is with inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations. Some such programs are:

  • The Family Counseling Center for Recovery Southlake is located in Richmond, Virginia. This rehab center offers up close and personal drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation for those who suffer with addiction.
  • For detoxification, the Richmond area also has the Rubicon Inc. Detox Unit/Men’s Residential program. This center provides excellent help and care in assisting those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to recover from and bounce back from their tumultuous addiction problems.
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia has the Family Counseling Centers for Recovery. This rehab center specializes in helping drug and alcohol addiction to confront and approach their drug and alcohol addiction crisis from the perspective of someone who is hoping to use the help of their family members and loved ones to really get a handle on their addiction problems.

(The National Survey on Drug Use and Health,, helps addicts all across the country and their families too by providing necessary resources and help.)