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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Washington by County

Drug and alcohol addiction has been expanding across the nation in a pretty big way. Since the turn of the century, the addiction problem has been an ongoing increase. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have worked diligently to study and classify the addiction crisis in the nation. Recently, the problem advanced from a crisis to a full on epidemic. The problem has never been this severe, and now more than ever the focus needs to be on addressing these issues through drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Working Against Addiction in the United States with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The conquest against addiction can best be addressed with inpatient rehabilitation, more specifically, inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detoxification facilities, rehabilitation programs, and recovery organizations. Some such programs in Washington are:

  • Swedish Medical Center/Ballard Addiction Recovery Services is an excellent detoxification center in the Seattle area. This program helps local addicts who have chemical dependency problems.
  • Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers Kirkland Inpatient is a drug and alcohol addiction program and recovery organization base out of Kirkland, Washington. This rehab center offers good and personal services to their patients.
  • Seattle, Washington is helped in addressing their addiction problem by the Evergreen Treatment Services Unit 1. This center creates a safe environment for local addicts to go to. The program is nestled in Seattle and provides assistance to local, Seattle residents.

(The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, helps address the current drug and alcohol addiction problem in the United States that assists local addicts in addressing addiction in any part of the country.)

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