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DRS helpline phone number
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Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands – Blue River Women’s Center

Last updated on: Thursday, 3 August 2023

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Our women’s program is a year long faith-based residential program for women ages 18 and older. Residents live in a structured, disciplined environment created to provide complete 180 degrees of life change!
As a resident of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands, you will receive personalized mentoring in both one-on-one and group settings. You will also be involved in discipleship and character classes, as well as the opportunity to receive your GED if needed. Married residents will be involved in our Family Ministry with their spouses. Oftentimes, there is healing needed for the entire family, and it is our desire to see marriages reconciled and families restored.
In Re-Entry, residents find full-time employment, get involved in the community and a local church; all while living under the structure and security of the Adult & Teen Challenge program. We believe this is a critical phase of the program designed to give residents the foundation they need to succeed outside of Adult & Teen Challenge.
Residents are required to pay a minimal intake fee upon admittance into the program. Adult & Teen Challenge is not about generating funds, but changing lives.
To apply to Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands, please go to the ADMISSIONS tab where you can download and print all of the required forms.

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