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ARC Community Services Inc – ARC House

Last updated on: Monday, 28 November 2022

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ARC House, a four-month AODA Certified residential program for 15 female offenders, is the original project and flagship of the agency. It is a state CBRF licensed residential facility, and has been a state certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Residential Treatment Facility since 1985. All women designated for this program have been assessed as having a substance abuse problem in addition to their criminal conviction. The program is staffed by a Program Manager, an AODA Counselor, a Social Worker, two Case Managers as well as support staff. There is an extensive AODA education Program Element as well as individual AODA Counseling for each resident. Case Management is the treatment modality which assists the resident in developing a plan to help her complete the program successfully and meet her Department of Corrections obligations as well a make a plan which will help her be successful in the community. ARC House provides women-specific program services which address chemical dependency, physical and sexual abuse, dependent and abusive relationships, cognitive interventions skill building, health problems, employment and money management needs, alternative leisure time use, child abuse and parenting educations, and child custody and other mother/child reunification issues.

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