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Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.

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Assessment Services, Inc.

Last updated on: Thursday, 24 August 2023

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Assessment Services, Inc. offers a system of clean and straightforward services to the Des Moines area. Its main contribution to the recovery community is that it has a comprehensive assessment plan for the individuals with drug and alcohol addiction. This center offers assessment services, which helps them in providing personalized treatments to the clients that are being helped under their care. Their alcohol and drug addiction services are available to the community through their outpatient rehabilitation program. Their staff is highly experienced, which allows this facility to have a higher success rate.nDrug and alcohol addiction is a difficult and concerning issue to say the least, but it does not have to be such a permanent issue in those who are affected by it. In truth, drug and alcohol addiction can very quickly become a thing of the past with the right addiction treatment program.nOur mission is simple. To be the leading provider of substance abuse assessment and education services in Iowa by providing sound, compassionate care to every client that walks through our door.nWe pride ourselves in our ability to effectively assess, evaluate and monitor substance use disorders. We are proud to have served thousands of clients in the greater Des Moines area over the past 8 years.nOur services are second to none in our field and we invite you to come in and receive the assistance your situation requires.nThe Assessment Services, Inc. is a workable and effective rehab center that offers outpatient counseling and therapy to those who need a way out of an addiction crisis. The Assessment Services, Inc. supports recovery by being a multiple approach, evidence oriented, results based, tailor structured, varied, essentially customizable drug and alcohol addiction and dependence detox facility, treatment center, recovery location, rehabilitation program, and state certified addiction prevention community. The Assessment Services, Inc. can be paid for with self pay, or it can be funded with insurance through Assurant Health Plan and Community, United Behavioral Health Plan, Great Western American Health Insurance, American Health Care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance, GEHA Health Plans and Policies, APS Health Care Insurance, Aetna Health Care, Cigna Health Care, and Coventry Insurance PPO. The Assessment Services, Inc. also offers aftercare too, which helps clients stabilize and solidify their recovery and make it permanent.

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