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Camillus House

Last updated on: Wednesday, 7 December 2022

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Camillus House is providing emergency assistance with food, clothing, and shelter. They are also offering job placement, and training, along with residential drug abuse treatment and aftercare. Moreover, they focus on behavioral health, maintenance, health care access and disease prevention. This center is solely focusing on serving the poor and homeless, so they become the active member of the community. Not only focusing on physical wellbeing, but mental and spiritual healing is our priority.nThe Camillus House is a Christian-based focus that is engaging and successful to say the least. It is workable and effective in a lot of ways. The Camillus House helps local drug and alcohol addicts of the Miami, Florida area to finally be able to address and work through their addiction problems. The program offers an outpatient, shelter-based approach to addiction treatment.nCamillus House envisions its service to the poor and homeless as a continuum of care which empowers clients towards personal rehabilitation and proactive integration as productive members of the general population.nnOur vision for tomorrow is always built on the ideals of our founding mission which aims to provide every client with opportunities to combine personal and community resources in order to affect physical, mental and spiritual well-being.nnCamillus House programs include development initiatives that will enhance client efforts to reshape their ability for self-enrichment.nnThese initiatives include:n- Emergency assistance with food, clothing and shelter.n- Job training and placement.n- Residential substance abuse treatment and aftercare.n- Behavioral health and maintenance.n- Health care access and disease prevention.n- Transitional and permanent housing.nWe commit ourselves eagerly to the adaptation of our mission in order to meet the new challenges facing the homeless in our contemporary society. The spirit of God moves us to action with reverence for the quality of life for all we serve and the elimination of the causes of homelessness in our times.nFor some more data on it, the Camillus House is essentially a recognized and affluent, successful, engaging, recovery-minded, both one on one therapy based and group counseling based approach to drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment, rehabilitation, detoxification, recovery, and permanent sobriety. The Camillus House offers Christian-based treatment, and the center has low budget and sometimes free treatment depending on certain factors. The Camillus House can be funded through Coventry Insurance PPO Unlimited, The Community Health Choice Association, GEHA Health Plans and Policies Incorporated, APS Health Care Insurance Options, Aetna Health Care, Cigna Health Care, Cooks Children’s and Adult’s Health Plan and First Care Approach, The PPO Managed Health Network Incorporated, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Coverage Opportunities. The Camillus House offers an excellent aftercare program too, so that those who have beaten addiction can and will continue to pursue a positive and sober lifestyle.

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