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Care of Savannah Inc Jack Gean Shelter for Men

Last updated on: Monday, 28 November 2022

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Care of Savannah Inc. has designed their recovery programs to offer treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. They believe that if addiction is not taken care of in the in early stages, then it could develop into something more severe. They offer drug and alcohol detox program at this facility for individuals that have a critical dependency on cocaine, prescriptions, heroin, and hard liquor. This session takes care of the client through a 24/7 recovery treatment plan that allows the client to go through the withdrawal process comfortably. Their rehabilitation program does not have a restriction for time, as they believe each heals at different time-rates. They offer relapse prevention, coping skills, and life skills sessions through their rehabilitation service. Through their relapse prevention service, the clients under their care are given the necessary tools and steps to prevent further unstable behavior and addiction. The relapse prevention sessions are designed to offer an education and support services that allow the client to become more stable and confident in their abilities; it can prevent chances of relapse in the future as well.

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50 East End Drive, Savannah, TN


(731) 925-4447