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CDAC – Community Drug & Alcohol Council

Last updated on: Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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Though drug and alcohol addiction might be a harsh and worrisome crisis of the very worst kind, it does not have to be that way. This is a problem in people that can be resolved with the right approach, and addiction treatment center like the CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council offers exactly that type of approach. This rehab center offers an addiction association to people, so they are able to work on their addictions effectively.
The CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council offers a type of help and care for adolescents that is engaging and useful. The CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council focuses on utilizing prevention and education to be able to deliver the most effective substance abuse treatment available. The CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council is especially helpful for adolescents, but anyone of any age can go there to get help addressing drug and alcohol addiction. The CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council works hard to engage people in a workable and effective addiction treatment program. The CDAC Community Drug & Alcohol Council involves the whole community in workable and effective educational programs and prevention strategies to try to get addiction down a notch once and for all in this area. Though substance abuse is a crisis and a hardship in this state, it can be effectively gotten rid of quickly and effectively. The program offers aftercare.

Addiction Treatment Services

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Drug and Alcohol Assessment
Outpatient Rehab
Substance Abuse Treatment

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Family Program
Military Rehab Programs
Rehab for Adolescents
Rehab for Adults
Rehab for Pregnant Women
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Rehab for Women

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3804 North Ninth Avenue, Pensacola, FL


(888) 994-9944


850 433-9802