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Center of Hope

Last updated on: Wednesday, 30 November 2022

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Here at the Center of Hope, we offer hope to those bound in sin through addiction. Every day desperate and hurting men and women contact the Center of Hope Church seeking help, looking for renewed hope. In addition to providing immediate help for the basic needs of life such as food, clothing, and shelter, we offer a long-term, Christ-centered recovery ministry. We provide individuals the opportunity for permanently transformed lives. Drug and alcohol addiction crosses all economic, social, and racial boundaries. The men and women caught in its devastating grips are just like you and I, with hopes and dreams like ours. At some point, life began to spin out of control for them and they found themselves at rock bottom. Today, they need the chance to change. They need hope. Center of Hope programs and services provide immediate help, long-term recovery, and a chance to reach out to others in need. Whether a resident struggles with drugs, alcohol, or other life-dominating sins, our many programs will meet them at their point of need.

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2906 Bynum Leatherwood Road, Anniston, AL


(256) 236-9716