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Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program (CAAP)

Last updated on: Wednesday, 30 November 2022

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Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program (CAAP) is available at the Caapin Corporated recovery center; it offers numerous substance abuse recovery treatments. These treatments have been designed to offer the ultimate recovery counselling and awareness services so that the clients are knowledgeable about every program. They offer these recovery programs as an outpatient and an inpatient recovery service. The clients with mild addiction disorders are offered outpatient counselling services that use services such as individual counselling and random drug testing service. They offer their inpatient rehabilitation service to those people that have a severe addiction disorder through their residential long-term and short-term rehabilitation services. During this time the client is adequately supported and given the utmost care, so they may develop a healthier lifestyle using better coping mechanisms. They offer these recovery services to DUI and DWI offenders as well. Clients that complete one of the primary recovery treatment at this facility are also offered aftercare so that they can maintain a sober lifestyle even after the treatment.

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4041 Knight Arnold Rd, Memphis, TN


(901) 360-0442


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