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DRS helpline phone number
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Dunklin Memorial Church

Last updated on: Monday, 28 November 2022

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This program is run according to the New Testament Church. The purpose of Dunklin Memorial Church is to induce a general love for Christ, God and the principles of Gospel. We try to implement the records of Holy Bible, as far as possible. The loving and supportive community is following biblical instructions and providing work opportunities for men lured into the trap of worldly desires and evils. We want you to transform into new people after the program, with the power of the Holy Spirit.
Spiritual and faith based drug and alcohol addiction treatment approaches are some of the most successful and helpful ways of beating drug and alcohol addiction. Such approaches are engaging and successful to say the least. The treatment approaches offered at the Dunklin Memorial Church are very helpful and engaging, and can deliver a powerful recovery.
Dunklin Memorial Church, Inc. exists as a New Testament church, and the general nature of its purpose shall be to propagate among all people the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on the records contained in the Holy Bible. It also provides a community environment, biblical instruction, and work opportunities for men trapped in chemical addiction to become new creatures in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and the application of the Gospel to all areas of their lives, so that all their relationships become new as well.

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3342 S.W. Hosanah Lane, Okeechobee, FL


(772) 597-2841