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Elim Home

Last updated on: Monday, 28 November 2022

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Elim Home was built in 1958 as a ministry of Thomas Road Baptist Church. It aims to offer a serene and calm recovery service through faith-based counselling for men that struggle with addiction issues. Their services and admission are available through a phone interview, which determines whether they will be placed on the waiting list or not. They offer private counselling for the men that struggle to find spiritual and physical peace through eight-week Christian counselling session. They also offer Veterans Substance Abuse and Trauma Treatment through a faith-based approach, where the staff aims to provide a compassionate environment that allows the client to confront their past, so they can start a new future through their love of Jesus Christ. The clients are required to attend their recovery sessions each week as a condition of their stay. This organization does not offer any follow-up recovery services for substance abuse.

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(434) 592-5629


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