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Emerald Neuro-Recover

Last updated on: Tuesday, 2 May 2023

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Emerald Neuro-Recover intensive outpatient drug rehabs Carmel Indiana is about getting you healthy. Addiction treatment approaches are drawn from both conventional and alternative medicine, to form the functional medicine approach of treating illness at its source.nAlcohol and opiate detox, intensive outpatient (IOP) care allows you to continue working while in substance abuse treatment. Our effective treatments address many areas of disease, from chronic fatigue and migraine headaches to alcohol and drug dependence to depression and anxiety. Results are achieved using combinations of medicine, supplements and/or intravenous therapy.

Addiction Treatment Services


Joint Commission Accredited

Services Offered

Detox Center
Drug and Alcohol Assessment
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Medical Detox
Outpatient Rehab
Substance Abuse Treatment

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Rehab for Men
Rehab for Women

People Served

Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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12265 Hancock Street Suite 42, Carmel, IN


(317) 606-8778