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Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.

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Home With A Heart

Last updated on: Tuesday, 6 February 2024

If you wish to contact the center directly, the contact information is listed below.

Home with A Heart provides a comprehensive recovery service that has dedicated its services to reach addicts and help them recovery with the teachings of God and Jesus Christ. They provide long-term rehabilitation to the individuals that use the structured lifestyle prepared by following the teachings of the Bible. They aim to help the clients become closer to god, so they can heal spiritually and mentally. The goal is to achieve a stable life through the peace of mind achieved through the teachings of Christianity. They offer a home-like setting for people, so they can be free of the bondage of addiction. They use the twelve-step approach towards therapy to offer support and counsel to the clients. They also offer their services free of charge to any individual that has successfully gone through a detoxification program. They aim to help the clients grow spiritually and socially as they develop better personal relationships with Jesus Christ and their peers. They offer their rehabilitation services in a serene location that offers a clean and safe atmosphere for the clients; it helps them find a better place within themselves with the hustle and bustle of the city.


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220 James Mattison Road, Liberty, SC


(864) 843-3058