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Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.

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House of Hope – Provo

Last updated on: Wednesday, 16 August 2023

If you wish to contact the center directly, the contact information is listed below.

House of Hope, Provo, is a substance use treatment center. After reviewing the website, we found that the program helps women and mothers with children. The Residential Treatment in Provo is a women’s and children’s residential program. The program serves children over the age of six months while their mothers are receiving treatment during the day.


House of Hope was built in 1946 as a substance abuse recovery and treatment facility for men only, however, over the years it has expanded to include treatment for female clients as well. Their treatment is focused on providing gender-specific services that restructure the lives of their clients in a safe and healing environment. They offer to counsel for physical abuse, domestic violence, depression, parenting skills, interpersonal relationship, and addiction. This facility hopes to achieve a lasting recovery through the improvement of the familial bonds of the client and by giving the clients proper transitioning skills that would conform to their sober lifestyle. The Provo center has been specifically designed by this organization to offer residential recovery services for substance abuse and dependency in women.

Addiction Treatment Services

Rehab Setting

Long-Term Inpatient
Short-Term Inpatient
Substance Abuse Treatment

Services Offered

Co-Occurring Disorders
Drug Test
Pregnant Women
Relapse Prevention
Substance Abuse Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling for Families
Substance Abuse Counseling for Individuals

Type of Payment/Insurance Accepted

Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Private Health Insurance
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United Behavioral Health

Contact Information


1726 South Buckley Lane, Provo, UT


(801) 373-6562