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DRS helpline phone number
DRS helpline phone number
Who Answers?

Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.


Last updated on: Tuesday, 6 December 2022

If you wish to contact the center directly, the contact information is listed below.


We are a life changing, abstinence – based, outpatient alcohol and drug education and treatment program for adults serving Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. We offer a broad spectrum of cooperative services designed to help those suffering the impact of alcohol and/or drug misuse or addiction in their lives both individuals, who want or need to identify and address their problem, and family members, who may suffer differently but in equal measure.

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Drug and Alcohol Assessment
Outpatient Rehab
Substance Abuse Treatment

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Drug Prevention and Education
Drug Test
Relapse Prevention
Services for Criminal Justice Clients
Services for DUI/DWI Offenders
Substance Abuse Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling for Individuals

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720 S Glenwood Ave, Suite 106, Dalton, GA