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Jewish Family Service of the Desert

Last updated on: Tuesday, 14 November 2023

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The Jewish community in Palm Desert gets a lot of help and support when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction from the Jewish Family Service of the Desert. The Jewish Family Service of the Desert is an outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that addresses addiction at its roots.nFor a lot of addiction cases, sometimes the best approach is an approach that can effectively call on a person’s faith to really work on and through the addiction problem and actually do something about it. Substance abuse might be a devastating crisis issue in all those who it affects, but that does not mean that it cannot also be totally worked through pretty easily. The Jewish Family Service of the Desert is here to do just that. The Jewish Family Service of the Desert is a faith-based, Jewish approach to addiction treatment that serves to help struggling Jews work on and through their substance abuse issues in such a way that they are able to find freedom and a very successful recovery from their substance abuse issues and problems. In pursuing such a program, the local addicted Jews of the Palm Desert area are able to find recovery.



Medical Staff: Judy Monetathchi, LMFT | Clinical Director
Christina Baisden, LCSW

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73-750 Catalina Suite A, Palm Desert, CA