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New Directions Northwest Inc Recovery Village

Last updated on: Monday, 28 November 2022

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Recovery Village offers residential recovery and treatment to parents that have become drug addicts. This facility allows parents to bring children of age 0-6 at the residential home. This facility can hold 15 parents and children at a time; each client is given private living quarters. They aim to help parents receive a private system in a supportive environment that can also offer education and counselling for addiction issues. Their treatment approach uses integrative therapy to help the clients with their addiction issues, which also treats mental health issues. The group counselling is used to deal with many issues such as interpersonal relations, family issues, mental health issues, and other underlying behavior issues. They offer Setting Boundaries and Thinking Barriers counselling sessions to help the clients make better life decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Drug and Alcohol Education is also provided through the group sessions; it aims to raise awareness. They also offer gender-specific counselling groups such as Women in Recovery; it helps females discuss sensitive topics they do not feel comfortable sharing in a mixed-gender environment.

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