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DRS helpline phone number
DRS helpline phone number
Who Answers?

Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.

New Mexico Asian Family Center – Counseling

Last updated on: Monday, 28 August 2023

If you wish to contact the center directly, the contact information is listed below.


As a non-profit, the primary goal of NMAFC is to help Asians and their families become more self-sufficient, empowered, and aware of their rights by utilizing multilingual and multicultural staff members, licensed counselors, and interpreters.
NMAFC respects individual & cultural differences. Services are available to all individuals living in NM regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, belief, or sexual orientation.

Addiction Treatment Services

Rehab Setting

Outpatient Rehab
Substance Abuse Treatment

Services Offered

Family Programs
Rehab for the Asian American Community
Substance Abuse Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling for Families
Substance Abuse Counseling for Individuals

People Served

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Tricare/Military Insurance

Contact Information


128 Quincy Street NE, Albuquerque, NM


(505) 717-2877