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Phoenix Recovery Center offers a safe-haven for the individuals that constantly struggle with chemical dependency and addiction issues. This center offers these individuals treatment and recovery services for substance abuse. Their treatment is designed in a way that they on focus on removing the addictive habits of the clients through the professional yet supportive counsel provided at this facility. Their counseling services are only available after the assessment of the client’s addiction so proper treatment specific to that client can be given. This facility also investigates the physical and mental history of the client before designing an appropriate detox, counseling, and prevention plan for the client at hand. This center treats chemical dependency issues in individuals of the Edgewood area through their outpatient services, which brings drug and alcohol addiction services to the adults. Their substance abuse treatment services include detoxification and counseling services.
Though drug and alcohol addiction is a harsh and difficult issue to say the least, it is not something that needs to be totally impacting and life-controlling. The problem actually can be properly addressed and tackled if the right treatment methods are used to do something about it. The Phoenix Recovery Center is one such program.
Phoenix Recovery Center offers quality cost effective drug and alcohol treatment. We provide an intimate setting where you can learn or re-learn the skills necessary to maintain long term sobriety. You will be introduced to and may participate in 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Upon arrival you will be assessed by a Board Certified Addictionologist who will assign the appropriate detox protocol. You will be monitored daily to ensure there are no complications and that detox stabilization occurs safely. Accu-detox by a certified acupuncturist is available and may alleviate discomfort during the detox process.

Call now to discuss treatment for yourself or a loved one. Our experienced staff is ready to answer your questions on insurance, self pay options and eligibility.
The Phoenix Recovery Center, summarized, is a community respected, well thought of, both long term and short term operating drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, health clinic, detox clinic, rehab program, recovery focused organization, addiction prevention association, and permanent sobriety-focused group. The Phoenix Recovery Center rehab program offers detox, medical detox, partial hospitalization, outpatient care, and various other types of substance abuse treatment options. The Phoenix Recovery Center can be funded with self pay, or the program can be paid for with private health insurance such as The First Care Health Plans Organization, HCSC Health Insurance Inc., United Health Care Services, Magellan Health Services, Exclusive Care Health Care Inc., LifeSynch Health Plans, First Health Network, APS PPO Health Care, The Medical Mutual Health Insurance Organization, American Health Group, and The Community Health Choice Association. The Phoenix Recovery Center also offers aftercare services too, which are helpful.

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107 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, MD


(410) 671-7374


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Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.