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Teen Challenge of Arizona – Springboard Home for Youth in Crisis

Last updated on: Thursday, 8 December 2022

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A place of Hope, Healing and Transformation. As part of Teen Challenge, we can help your daughter in a more enduring way than many other programs or rehabs for teens can. From the moment your daughter arrives, she is welcomed into an environment where she is both loved and encouraged to deal with the issues in her life, make significant changes and develop new habits. It is a process of transformation. Our heart and purpose is to help every teen girl once held captive by anger, substance abuse and rebellion to experience freedom and new purpose in life. Springboard provides short term intervention with long-lasting results.nSince 1976, the Springboard Home has provided help for thousands of girls and their distraught families. Through counseling, curriculum and the love of a compassionate and dedicated staff, we help girls get on the other side of behavioral issues, drug/alcohol use, self-destructive pursuits and life-controlling habits. From around the nation, girls arrive at our Teen Challenge facility with a variety of issues and we quickly get to work on solving those issues through an intense schedule of counseling, curriculum and direct care.

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(520) 887-8773


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