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Teen Challenge of Arkansas

Last updated on: Tuesday, 2 May 2023

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The Teen Challenge of Arkansas program is a Christian faith-based rehabilitation center, and can treat adult males who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The program is non-medical and non-clinical, and is operated solely by volunteers and can provide four to ten months of treatment.nThis particular branch of Teen Challenge is for young men only. Though the name belies the age restrictions, the age range for Teen Challenge is usually anywhere from early teens to early thirties. This center in particular accepts men from all age ranges up to thirty-five.nDrug and alcohol addiction is a bit of a problem in Hot Springs Village, hence the need for Teen Challenge. This particular branch of Teen Challenge offers a lot of different services to their clients. More particularly, the program tends to create a pleasant and comfortable environment that encompasses all aspects and facets of addiction effectively. The facility offers long term treatment and care, meaning that their programs tend to run longer than thirty days all in all. The programs also are Christian-based, and the major focus behind Teen Challenge is to create a safe environment for teens that utilizes prevention, education, and Christian-based morals and integrity.

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