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Calls to the website’s main number are answered by best treatment center LLC and Intervention, a call center that specializes in helping individuals and families find resources for substance use disorders.

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The Advocate Program, Inc. – West Dade

Last updated on: Tuesday, 9 April 2024

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The Center is a multidisciplinary, multi-jurisdictional training facility. The Advocate Program is under the funding of Miami-Dade County Alliance for Human Services. Advocate Program target sensitive issues, like Domestic Violence, Rape, and Sexual Assault. The team is a mixture of highly educated and professional individuals, with masters degrees in mental health, and social work marriage and family therapy. The Advocate Program offers help for DUI offenders and DWI offenders. The Advocate Program offers outpatient care to those who go there for substance abuse treatment. The Advocate Program creates a safe environment and a comfortable setting for those who are struggling and suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. The Advocate Center for Training and Treatment (ACTT) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional professional training institute created by the Advocate Program, Inc. in 2001 and partially funded by the Miami Dade County Alliance for Human Services. It is designed to meet the needs of victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, and Sexual Assault. Licensed Professionals staff the treatment component of ACTT, with masters degrees in mental health, marriage and family therapy, and social work. The staff has extensive experience and training in mental health, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, anger control, and parenting skills. The Advocate Program is an excellent, counseling based, therapy oriented addiction treatment center that has the main goal of finding the root core cause of a person’s addiction in such a way that those who are struggling with that addiction can find their way out of it as quickly as is possible. For some more data on it, the Advocate Program is an appreciated, well known, both long term and short term drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, recovery organization, addiction prevention association, recovery-minded support system, and permanent sobriety commitment group.

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(305) 704-0200