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The Hope House

Last updated on: Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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The Hope House employs a compassionate system of recovery and treatment services for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. They offer an extensive array of substance abuse services that use a specially designed residential recovery system to treat addiction issues in their clients. Their staff uses their professional expertise to recognized issues in their clients and fix them through a certified plan. Their program includes a mass recovery plan that ensures a successful recovery of the client so they may live a meaningful life. Their recovery program is based on a long-term and short-term residential treatment plan. Moreover, they use a faith-based counseling plan to heal their clients spiritually as well as physically.
Drug and alcohol addiction is a very dangerous and troublesome addiction crisis that tends to take over and cause immense and intensive problems all across the country. The brutal truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction will not go away without the help of an actual drug and alcohol addiction treatment center like the Hope House. The Hope House is a supportive and engaging addiction treatment center.
The Mission of the Hope House is to provide innovative recovery and rehabilitation to homeless or needy alcoholic and/or chemically dependent men through a continuing help program that sustains their desire to live a meaningful and productive life.
There is no fee(s) involved for clients of the Hope House programs any time during their stay. But please note that clients from outside Wayne County are asked to consider a donation to the program.
The Hope House rehab program is extensive and successful in the services and the help that it provides to people. The Hope House rehab center is supportive and engaging in a lot of different ways. This treatment center is very workable and very effective in the inpatient, residential services that it offers to their clients. This rehab center is a community respected, well thought of, both long term and short term operating drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, health clinic, detox clinic, rehab program, recovery focused organization, addiction prevention association, and permanent sobriety-focused group. The Hope House is low cost, but whatever costs do remain can be covered with The First Care Health Plans Organization, HCSC Health Insurance Inc., United Health Care Services, Magellan Health Services, Exclusive Care Health Care Inc., LifeSynch Health Plans, First Health Network, APS PPO Health Care, and Medical Mutual Health Insurance.

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