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U-Turn For Christ Arizona

Last updated on: Friday, 9 December 2022

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U-Turn for Christ offers a two-phase program, where the patients will spend the initial aspect of treatment at one of the U-Turn for Christ ranch locations, and can continue on into other forms of treatment after a certain period of time. U-Turn for Christ is a faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.nThis program helps people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Their specialty is individuals who have gotten into trouble with the law because of drunk or drugged driving of some kind. The facility offers a Christian-based approach to addiction treatment and it excels in helping clients who have DUI or DWI offenses.nU-Turn For Christ is a Christian Discipleship Ranch involved in volunteer work throughout the community. Our primary designed purpose is to help men who have found themselves caught up in the deception of alcohol and drug abuse. The Ranch provides men with an opportunity to grow spiritually in the Christian Faith. As they study and apply the Word of God to their lives, they will be encouraged to become a productive person in society through serving others.nU-Turn For Christ Arizona is a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center in Payson, Arizona. This is a men’s only drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization. The U-Turn For Christ Arizona program operates a long term (more than thirty days long) type of program. U-Turn For Christ Arizona has a strong, centered, and stable Christian-based approach to drug and alcohol addiction that is entirely faith-based and integrity-based. The center allows addicted men to work for their room and board at the center too, which allows clients of low income or no income to be able to come to the center for help, even if they have no health insurance.

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