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District of Columbia Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers with Private Pay

D.C. Private Addiction Rehab Programs

All throughout the District of Columbia are some private drug and alcohol treatment resources for men, women, adolescents, and addicts of all ages. Unfortunately, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website only provides a list for 25 private drug and alcohol rehab centers throughout the area. The facilities in the state include detox programs; medical and traditional detox centers, along with residential and outpatient programs.

Will my workplace offer private drug rehab options?

It is very common that employers will provide drug treatment and counseling services for their employees, which is usually provided through their benefits packages. Most employers will have set programs and services that their human resources department works with. It is not uncommon that employees will have opportunities to attend private drug treatment centers, and the employer may offer to pay for the services. Each place of employment will be different from the next, but if there is a problem, the proper help should be sought out.