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Drug & Alcohol Alternative Rehab Services in the United States

When someone becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, what they are going through will not necessarily be the same as the next person. The individual experience with drugs and alcohol, is just that, and the same can be said about drug and alcohol treatment programs. Some traditional drug rehab centers work, while other addicts may want non-traditional or alternative methods of treatment. Alternative drug treatment programs will cater to the needs of the client and provide non-traditional methodologies to help rehabilitate the addict. There are situations where a more traditional method of treating a substance abuse problem will not align with the client's needs and preferences, and alternative approaches are often done to ensure a successful recovery. Alternative drug and alcohol treatment methods are often found in private drug rehab centers within the United States. These will either be inpatient or outpatient services, that are not 12-step, group therapy, or traditional therapy options, but rather will take a more holistic approach, outdoors or excursions, or learning based treatment. These types of programs can be quite successful, especially for an addict who has been through more than one type of drug rehabilitation program and requires something more unique.

Alternative rehabilitation programs will work on the physical and mental aspects of addiction, for example, there may be acupuncture, meditation, massage, toga, chanting, reiki, aromatherapy, and vitamin supplementation. Some or all of these holistic approaches may be utilized to help an addict through their problem. The traditional drug treatment program will often ask their clients to work with the twelve steps or attend group meetings and individual therapy. While this can all be successful for some, it will not always work for every addict. Many studies have shown that 12-step programs can have a big impact on success for many addicts. Yet, there is also evidence showing that the 12-step methods can also be not enough to treat other addicts. Alternative drug treatment programs have always been popular throughout the United States and may also utilize support group models or individual therapy models to help their patients.

Did you know this about alternative treatment programs?

Alternative therapies are used in order to address recovery the person as a whole. It has become more and more of a norm in treatment centers. It can include yoga, outdoor and adventure programs and art therapy.

There are many benefits with utilizing alternative treatment methods to help with a substance abuse problem. Traditionally, an alternative treatment model will offer a more comprehensive approach that will address the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The more that can be integrated with the different aspects of a human being, the better chances the addict will have with his or her recovery. Many alternative drug rehab programs will utilize the body’s ability to heal, and offer a more natural approach, that is often a better suit for some addicts. It is not uncommon for addicts who have been through traditional drug rehab centers, to respond better to alternative approaches. Someone going through an alternative drug rehab program will be introduced with new life skills and or different ways of being in the world. This will of course help with navigating the challenges of everyday life and increase the chances of success. Most people who abuse drugs and alcohol are often very anxious, stressed, and depressed, and alternative treatment approaches can help calm the nervous system and bring more natural balance to a person mentally. Alternative drug treatment methods are all active mind and body approaches, that can help embody positive insights and change, which can be beneficial for an addict.

There are many different types of alternative drug treatment methods available, all throughout the United States. Many of them are holistic and natural and place a focus on the outdoors and reconnecting with nature. For example, there are emotional freedom techniques, which is the tip of your fingers tapping on a sequence of points on the body, and this is an energy psychological technique, that helps balance the energy in the body. There are also yoga and mindfulness therapies, which will help an addict reconnect with his or her body, which can in turn teach them to respond to stress they may be experiencing in life. Equine therapy is popular with outdoor drug treatment programs, and equine assisted therapy is accompanied by licensed mental health professionals. When someone attends this type of treatment, they do not have to know how to ride a horse or know how to take care of one and will be taught all this during treatment. The patient will engage in activities directly related to the care taking of the horse, within a structured environment.

Art therapy programs are also effective forms of treatment, and the actual process of creating your art can be therapeutic and relaxing. The content of your art can be explored with a professional therapist to uncover and heal emotional wounds related to your addiction. Other therapies such as adventure therapy are quite common among drug treatment centers throughout the United States. This type of therapy is successful because the patient can learn how to react to stressful situations, and effective ways to respond to and overcome challenges. This would also be an excellent time to get real-time feedback in the environment and learn about how the situations can impact your responses. Adventure therapy can get someone who was completely consumed by addiction and totally introverted to make a positive turnaround. Alternative treatment methods can be accessed within numerous drug and alcohol treatment centers all throughout the United States and help thousands of addicts overcome their problems and achieve new success and with a healthy life.

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