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Created On Monday, 26, June 2017
Modified On Friday, 23, October 2020

Information on Alternative Substance Abuse Treatment

Taking the first step towards addiction treatment is not easy, and most often, the family would have organized a family intervention. However, some addicts choose to attend treatment without an intervention. Searching for a drug and alcohol treatment program can be overwhelming, considering the multitude of treatment options available. However, any kind of treatment or counseling when it is tailored to you as an individual is ideal. It is important that you find a place that feels like a good fit, and somewhere that motivates your recovery. There are choices to make between traditional and alternative approaches to rehabilitation.

Typically, traditional addiction treatment programs often adhere to 12-step methods, which is effective, but not for everyone. Many traditional approaches utilize group therapy in combination with individual therapy, but most programs are not tailored to the needs of the addict. Most alternative drug and alcohol treatment programs offer individualized rehab for those seeking a different experience than that of a 12-step program. As substance abuse treatment resources evolve, it is clear there should not be a one size fits all. There are various things that affect the nature of addiction, such as underlying worries, dependence, lifestyle, substance abuse history, environment, mental health, and specific substances.

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Alternative drug rehabilitation usually provides individualized treatment and recognizes the need for specialized accommodations. Most alternative treatment centers cater to specific groups and offer benefits to substance abuse treatment that a traditional rehab often cannot. For example, there are women-only treatment programs, which understand the unique circumstances of women struggling with addiction. Many women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have experienced trauma or abuse at the hands of men, which does impact treatment results if it is a co-ed facility.

Additionally, there are men-only treatment centers, and as women, some men are more comfortable opening up their addiction with other men. Overall, new treatment methods are being researched constantly, and addiction treatment options are always evolving. Finding the right method of rehabilitation is crucial, especially for problems like alcohol addiction