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Drug & Alcohol National Intervention Services in the United States

An intervention is a process that does use peer pressure to encourage an addict to admit to his or her problem and then seek out drug and alcohol treatment. During the intervention process, a group of close friends and family will gather together, typically to surprise the addict. During this gathering, each member of the group outlines ways in which they have been harmed by the addict’s addiction and will then plead with the addict to seek out help. If the addict does not seek out help, there will of course be consequences for these or alternatives. Drug and alcohol interventions can be very successful and do help addicts understand the importance of getting treatment. The intervention process is emotionally charged, because family and friends will be specific about how they may have been harmed by the addiction. Commonly, an intervention will be overseen by an interventionist, who may be an addiction's counseling, mental health professional, psychologist, or a professionally trained interventionist. Drug and alcohol interventions do work, but the reason they tend not to work is because the family and friends at the intervention do not follow through with the alternatives. However, an intervention will not affect the outcome of treatment, and once an addict is in treatment; the rest will be up to them to want to make it work. More often than not, all it does take is a little bit of willingness to want to make a change for the better.

When looking for interventionists or an intervention service, it may be difficult to know where to search for this service. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services help line can be a good place to start to access referral services for all types of treatment, and intervention services. The calls are kept confidential, and someone can call as often as they like for help. State and municipal health departments may also have information for intervention groups that may operate out of the state. Typically, an intervention organization may have one office or multiple offices but will often travel all throughout the United States. Local drug and alcohol treatment programs in each state may also work with a specific intervention group or know of one who can help. The best way to be able to get in contact with an intervention group is to start contacting different drug and alcohol treatment programs. It will be important to have a drug rehab center lined up first prior to an intervention, and in most cases, the rehabilitation program will help organize the intervention with the family.

Throughout the United States are privately operated drug intervention groups, and these organizations can also be a good place to start when searching for a drug intervention specialist. There is the Caring Interventions organization, who does offer intervention, recovery coaching, family recovery, workshops and consulting, and monitoring and supervision, which is randomized testing services that are modeled on evidence-based relapse prevention programs for pilots, doctors, nurses, and lawyers. Caring Interventions was founded by two individuals, and is a professional independent practice serving the continental United States, and also a member of the Trusted Provider Network. Caring Interventions will help individuals, families, and employers confront the challenges of addiction utilizing intervention, monitoring, coaching, training and consultation.

Intervention ASAP, Behavioral Health Consulting provides interventions, consulting and recovery management, and is committed to helping anyone who has been impacted by addictive disorders, mental-health problems, and behavioral health issues. Intervention ASAP provides and develops individualized approaches and treatment plans for long-term recovery and collaborates with health care providers who endorse long-term support. Along with drug interventions, Intervention ASAP also does case management, which offers a way to navigate the maze of treatment options and help manage the recovery process. They will help hold the treatment providers accountable and provide oversight for all situations with the provider’s care. Essentially, it will help a family have a single point of contact while their loved one is going through detox, treatment, and aftercare. The organization will also offer treatment placement, and help families locate suitable drug treatment services, and provide therapeutic travel support, helping manage challenging and vulnerable behavior.

Hired Power is a transition recovery service that does provide intervention services, and is the longest established professional transition service, and has decades of experience in addiction recovery and the mental-health fields. Hired Power can provide recovery assistance and will help former addicts and their families with personal recovery assistance services, which will help motivate a client to become an active participant in their own lives. Clients of Hired Power can also access a certified personal recovery assistant, who will help provide a road map and personal guide into early recovery. This could mean helping navigate social situations, establishing everyday routines, and attending therapy sessions. Recovery case management can also be provided along with sober monitoring, which is evidence based and a proven method of supporting sober skill development following the completion of a drug rehab program. Along with their drug intervention services, Hired Power can provide safe passage transports for client from home after a drug or alcohol intervention hospital visit, court appearance, or even from jail to a treatment center.

KD Consulting Corporation is an intervention group providing addiction and mental health interventions nationwide throughout the United States. They can offer free consultations for family interventions, as well as provide services for sober transport, which can help clients get to and from treatment such as an outpatient program. There is also the sober companion program they provide, which is a personal coach who is available to help a recovering addict remain sober. Recovery life coach programs are also available, which will help someone stay on the right path, and remain away from the temptation of substance abuse and addiction.

S.T.E.P Intervention Services, is an intervention organization that is focused on providing private and confidential intervention services, which does specialize in adolescent and young adults. They will provide professionals planned and facilitated interventions for those suffering from addiction. This intervention group does specialize with teens and young adults and will ensure teens and young adults can access the right treatment they need after the intervention. They also provide services for sober transportation, whether it is going to treatment, or coming from rehab to home, they can help family ensure their loved one is transported safely.

Here is a list of the different intervention national services for drug and alcohol addiction that are available across the United States. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Substance Abuse Intervention National Services in the United States


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