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Drug & Alcohol National Prevention Services in the United States

Drug prevention or substance abuse prevention in the United States does come in different forms, such as many programs operated on a federal, state or a local level, and the countless non-profit organizations within the United States, who provide prevention services and programs for the community. Prevention is a process that does attempt to prevent the onset of drug addiction, along with preventing people from becoming involved with drugs and educating everyone about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. National prevention services in the United States can focus on the individual, the family, community, schools, the vulnerable, criminal reform, and essentially young and old people. Often when someone thinks of national prevention services, they find help with family-based prevention, school-based, and community-based prevention services. Millions of American's struggle with substance abuse problems and only a small percentage do seek out help. Preventative measures do save countless lives each year and prevent millions of people from becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are many reasons why someone would choose to abuse drugs and alcohol, and much of it can do with the environment, emotional or physical pain, or simply experimenting with drugs out of boredom. Whichever the reason may be, national prevention services help ensure that everyone can make the right choice.

School-based prevention programs are some of the most recognized throughout the country, and in every state, there will be local and federal services that operate throughout the state providing drug education and prevention. Besides federal programs that will be provided in every state, local services or programs that were founded locally are often non-profit organizations. These types of national prevention services were often founded by someone or a group of people who had experienced a tragedy with drugs or alcohol. In other circumstances, it is people who want to do something about the drug or crime problem in their local community. These groups are often parents who help get school-based prevention programs implemented. Many non-profit prevention services are national programs, which means they do operate all throughout the country. School-based prevention services will be delivered at all grade levels and ages, and the programs are set up to accommodate children and adolescents at all age groups. Many American children and teens grow up in difficult environments, whether it is with abusive parents, a single parent, parents who suffer from substance abuse, foster homes, or living with some other type of guardian. It can be easy for teens and children to fall into the grasp of early drug and alcohol use. School-based prevention services in the United States will help make sure children, and adolescents can make the right choices, and choose a life without drugs and alcohol.

Community-based national prevention services in the United States often involve programs that have started in local communities and those that are nationwide but are used in local communities. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an excellent example of community-based prevention services in the United States. This organization started in a local community and branched out, spreading their message, and helping families impacted by drunk driving and helping prevent impaired driving. Community-based prevention programs can either be small or large and work in small or large communities. Many of these community-based programs work with at-risk youth, former prison inmates, single-parent families, and the many schools within the community. Community-based prevention services are about bringing the community together and helping people in the community understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Schools in the community are important to receive these types of services, as it not only reaches out to the students but the parents as well. Community-based national prevention services often can reach more people, young and old, and will work with the vulnerable, and those who are exposed to crime and drug abuse. It is also about giving people second chances at life, and these community-based prevention services also work helping people reform and make positive changes during their lives.

Family-based national prevention service is a combination of communities and schools, as it all does revolve back to the family. Family-based prevention services can be accessed on a federal or state level and the many different non-profit programs that operate throughout the United States. Family-based services are often started in a community, where a family may have suffered some type of tragedy and began to help others. Other family-based prevention services in the country start with people wanting to make a difference in their community or starting to make a positive change with their family. The family dynamic is important in helping someone get through a substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, many addicts do not have a family to fall back on and will battle their addiction alone, unless they reach out for help. One of the important aspects of family-based prevention services is the intervention, and intervening before the problem becomes worse. Too many times an addict will slip through the cracks when it could have been prevented, and someone could have intervened at the right time. Addiction can often start at a young age, whether it is in a broken home or within the model family, substance abuse can impact anyone. Family prevention services are directed to everyone in the family and will get everyone involved. Drug prevention and education can start with the family and reach out to the community and the individuals. Non-profit prevention organizations throughout the United States work with families in their communities and also help the individual. State and federal national prevention services do the same thing, and both can be on a large or small scale, but the ultimate goal is prevention.

Here is a list of the different national prevention services for drug and alcohol addiction that are available across the United States. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Substance Abuse Prevention National Services in the United States


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