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Drug & Alcohol National Services in the United States

Drug and alcohol abuse in the United States has been a long withstanding problem with countless victims, within each decade that passes. Throughout the United States, the number of people who use and abuse illicit drugs do vary by the type of drug. For example, it is estimated that over 120 million have used marijuana at some point in his or her life, and over 15 million people have used crystal meth. Some states have legalized marijuana, there has been an increase in use among other problems that have come to fruition. Since 2007, the number of people who have used heroin in the past year has increased, and roughly 90% of the heroin brought into the United States, is coming over the southern border. In 2016, the death rate from drug overdoses was on average 14 overdose deaths per 100,000 population, and since the recent opioid epidemic, this number has gone up. As of 2104, there were close to 14,000 substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States, which was a decrease from the previous year; however, more services are being provided in lite of the on-going drug problems and opioid epidemic. It is no secret that drug and alcohol abuse is a problem that is not going away anytime soon, and many Americans ask what else is being done to help combat the problem. There are many organizations throughout the United States, who help American's live drug free lives, those who help prevent addiction from happening, or ensure a recovering addict remains off drugs, to live their best life.

These organizations and programs operate on a federal level, a state level, and locally; many of them are private non-profit organizations, whereas others are operated by the various levels of government. There are many differences in these organizations, with what they do, how they approach the drug and alcohol problem, and what methods are used to help those struggling with addiction or preventing people from becoming addicted. People living in the United States can access drug prevention and education programs, workplace services to help prevent substance abuse, charitable or non-profit organizations, faith-based programs, intervention services, and all levels of support and counseling services. Like anything else, it will be important to know what organizations work well, what they do, how they operate, and how someone can access the services needed. There are numerous substance abuse national services throughout the United States, and many programs will be operated locally within each state. Local operations will include federally and state-funded programs, among many facilities that are privately operated and funded through donations. Drug Rehab Services will help provide the current information about these different services, to ensure individuals can find the information they need.

Here is a list of the different national services for drug and alcohol addiction that are available across the United States. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Substance Abuse National Services in the United States