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Created On Tuesday, 12, January 2016
Modified On Thursday, 11, February 2021

Information on Substance Abuse Prevention & Education Programs

At Drug Rehab Services, we provide a service that there’s a serious need for. As a resource for drug and alcohol treatment services and information about addiction, we hope to save lives before they’re lost. Substance abuse is a scourge that has affected many individuals, causing countless deaths and shattering the lives of many it touches. Even those who recover have often incurred losses and damages that can make recovery more difficult; one of the tragic qualities of addiction.

Sadly, there’s a greater demand for substance abuse treatment services than there is a supply, leaving many people without help each year. This alone highlights the need for such services and drives us to do what we do each day; repair the damages caused by addiction and help people get their lives back.

But this effort would be incomplete without addressing the source of the problem, rather than outcome alone. That is the essence of prevention.

Substance abuse prevention is the road out from an unending epidemic. Addiction has become a defining feature of America and a leading cause of death. Prevention consists of concerted efforts aimed at eliminating the factors that lead to and cause addiction. With prevention, treatment becomes unnecessary. We aim to reach that goal one day.

Historically, we can safely say that prevention efforts have fallen short. This is clear from the current state of addiction in our country. Scare tactics and “just say no” campaigns may have meant well but may have also worsened a blossoming issue. Heavy penalties don’t discourage addiction any more than the in-school programs of the 1990s did. So, what will?

We don’t claim to have a magic bullet. But we believe that providing accurate and true information is the best starting point. Every individual makes their own choices and is better equipped to do so when armed with facts instead of falsehoods. We strive continually to be and reliable source of information that anyone can use.

On this page you will find:

  • Personalized advice and frequently asked questions- These are real answers from treatment professionals to real questions that many people have posed to us over our cumulative years of experience. We draw upon many different backgrounds and give straightforward answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from those struggling with addiction and their loved ones.   
  • Comprehensive information on drugs- We tackle some of the most commonly abused substances in America, providing an unrivaled source of information on each.  This can help with everything from the identification of drugs and drug abuse, to specific treatment interventions and further resources.  
  • Listing of prevention resources- Here you can find further resources for substance abuse prevention. 

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Who Are You?

I’m a parent looking for more information for myself

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Battling substance abuse is already hard enough. Doing bit as a parent can feel impossible. But anyone can recover the life they once had before addiction.

Stigma can be one of the biggest barriers for a parent. People have a tendency to feel unworthy of help or that they are a bad person because they have a child and are also struggling with addiction. But this can become a downward spiral rapidly if they won’t reach out for help and keep it hidden.

If you’re struggling with addiction as a parent, the worst thing you can do is keep hiding it. Children must be protected as a priority, so this isn’t advising anyone to expose them to drug use or tell them what you’re going through. But you m