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Dual Diagnosis Programs by States

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers Providing Services for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders in the United States

Co-Occurring disorders were once known as duel diagnosis, and the term describes the combinations of a mental-health problem along with a substance abuse disorder, for example; someone may be suffering from depression and addicted to prescription drugs. Co-existing mental-health problems and drug addiction is a growing problem throughout the United States, and most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are equipped to treat those who attend the program with a co-occurring disorder. Many mental-health problems begin with substance abuse, and are unfortunately diagnosed while someone is addicted to drugs. In other circumstances, an individual will have received a diagnosis for whatever reason, and will become addicted to drugs or alcohol to cope with that diagnosis. Some individuals who seek out help at these particular drug rehab centers will have more than one co-occurring disorder along with the addiction. Mental-health problems can cause an addiction to become worse, because of the combination with psychiatric drugs and other narcotics. In fact, most drugs prescribed to treat mental illness are habit forming, and will create a tolerance and dependency, and this can compound the overall problems with the addiction.

Did you know this about co-occurring disorders programs?

Dual diagnosis programs were created to treat both the addiction and the mental health problem someone can have. It helps the person fully resolve their addiction problem, while also taking care of their mental health by attending group therapy.

When someone is diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder, if there are multiple disorders; each will be diagnosed individually along with the addiction. If these types of problems are there, it is important for an addict to find the proper type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in their state. Most inpatient and outpatient drug treatment services across the United States can treat co-occurring disorders. Unfortunately, the detox process can be the most difficult part because an addict will be commonly using prescribed psychiatric medication and the other types of drugs they may be addicted to. Most programs will either detox someone completely off everything, or will detox them off the illegal drugs and help them with medication management for the prescribed drugs. The combination of street drugs with prescribed medication is quite dangerous, and does require the proper help. Usually when someone becomes completely rehabilitated they will discover that the mental-health problems are no longer an issue, especially when someone has been diagnosed after they have struggled with addiction. It is always important to speak to the experts, and receive any diagnosis or treatment from qualified and trained individuals.

Dual-diagnosis is a continuing and growing problem across the United States, but more and more help is being provided, starting with the detoxification level. Many drug detox programs operating throughout the United States can manage patient’s medications, who are struggling with co-occurring disorders, and ensuring they transition into a proper drug and alcohol treatment center. Because addiction and drug abuse is a growing problem within the United States, rehabilitation options both within the private sector and state or federally funded programs are providing more options and specific treatment methodologies for each patient. Persons that are struggling with mental illness, and addiction will require particular methods of treatment to help them. Regardless of the problems, there is help available for every type of addiction and co-occurring diagnosis. If you or someone you know is struggling with a co-occurring disorder in the United States, reach out to local support programs and services that can help refer the proper treatment. Locating help may be an arduous task at first, but there are experts out there who can help point in the right direction.