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Created On Thursday, 04, February 2016
Modified On Friday, 23, October 2020

Information on Substance Abuse Treatment for Executives

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for executives and professionals are like any other program but typically provide more amenities and services to accommodate certain professional needs. Sometimes the programs are more luxurious and expensive providing things like catered meals, private rooms, comfortable furnishing, exercise facilities, outdoor recreational areas, access to computers, conference rooms, and other amenities. Substance abuse and addiction impact business owners, professionals, and CEO's or executives. The most common reason for these individuals to not attend treatment is being away from their business or work. They cannot walk away from certain responsibilities, despite their addiction, making their professional life unmanageable.

Most professionals, business owners, or executives feel they do not have time to get treatment because of their business or the projects they are working on. Some may hesitate to seek help because of how it could reflect on their reputation and among their colleagues.