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Created On Wednesday, 13, January 2016
Modified On Friday, 23, October 2020

Information on Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Most rehabilitation centers across the country design programs to deliver a specific type of care to a specific type of person. Rehabilitation should be tailored to the needs of the individual attending treatment, which does make it more effective. Substance abuse treatment centers for men are specific to the treatment needs of men. Drug addiction impacts men and women differently, which is why there are gender-specific treatment programs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men tend to have a more severe addiction problem and more of other substance use problems. Approximately five million men reported the misuse of prescription pain medication. Also, 45% of men attended treatment for barbiturate addiction.

Male only treatment programs are a type of treatment geared to men and are designed to address the issues most commonly faced by men in their experience with addiction. Typically, addiction occurs more frequently in men, and addiction kills more men than women. Also, men tend to exhibit higher rates of psychological issues when addicted and are more likely to misuse multiple drugs. Per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are more men than women in treatment for substance abuse. However, men are historically more likely to seek treatment for certain addictions. Substance abuse also progresses differently for men than women.

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Generally, men are more likely to become addicts, and men are more likely to abuse substances due to peer pressure or to be part of a group. Also, men tend to experience more intense symptoms of alcohol withdrawal than women—the risk of relapse for men is less likely. Men are compelled to go into treatment for different reasons. There is the desire to appear strong and independent that causes men to try and deal with their substance abuse without any help. Men tend to perform better in a therapeutic environment with other men when discussing similar issues surrounding their addiction.

However, some men find it difficult to analyze their problems and may become aggressive, competitive, or combative with staff or fellow group members. The staff at men-only treatment programs have experience working with recovering men and understand the unique challenges of treatment they face. According to a Pew Research Study, men are more likely to engage in illicit drug use and to begin using alcohol or drugs at a younger age. The risk factors that contribute to the rate of substance dependence in men is twice that of women. For example, men are more likely to drink excessively, which increases the rate of alcohol-related deaths. Marijuana use is higher in males, and in 2017, two-thirds of opioid-related deaths were men.

When is Drug Rehabilitation for Men the Best Option?

Per the Pew Research study mentioned above, trauma is an important risk factor for the development of a drug or alcohol addiction. However, there are many reasons why a man would consider substance abuse treatment. Some of the initial indicators that you may need substance abuse treatment include if you have tried to stop using drugs but did not succeed. Also, if you have been using drugs or alcohol for longer in greater amounts than intended and spend too much time and money attempting to obtain drugs, use drugs, and recovery from the effects of drugs. If you have given up on activities, you enjoy to use drugs or alcohol, or have neglected to keep up with your personal responsibilities.

Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol will have conflicts with relationships and will crave drugs or alcohol when they cannot use them. Drug abuse causes dangerous behavior such as drinking and driving, and regular use of drugs or alcohol