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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for Pregnant Women by State

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for Pregnant Women by State

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Centers For Pregnant Women In the United States

Many unique and different needs are required for pregnant women who attend substance abuse treatment programs for their addiction. When pregnant women abuse drugs and or alcohol, it is not only putting their health at risk, but also the health of the unborn fetus. When these addictions take place, there can be some destructive long-term effects, which will plague the child when it is born. Some of these problems include low birth weight, repertory problems, slowed fetal growth, fetal alcohol disorders; opiate use can also cause withdrawal symptoms in newborn’s, and of course more severely, stillbirth and death. When pregnant women are being treated for addiction, the treatment center will be ensuring the fetus, and mothers are safe during the whole process. This is also including the detoxification process, which might have to be a medical detox if the mother is abusing opiates. The overall programs within these centers will be similar to other centers, but the staff and personnel will be equipped to work with and treat a woman who is pregnant and struggling with addiction.

Typically, most addiction rehabs for pregnant women will be residential, and this is to only ensure the treatment process is monitored closely. Residential treatment can be offered as short term, typically lasting for a couple of weeks or up to 28 days, and long term rehab, which will be anywhere from two months to three months. It is normally recommended that a pregnant woman attends a residential treatment facility, simply because all the services will be available to them, and around the clock monitoring in the event that anything may happen during treatment. These facilities will provide different forms of treatment methods from traditional 12-step programs, group therapy, individual counseling, and even cognitive therapy or learning based treatment. Healthy living will also be promoted to ensure the mother and fetus can remain healthy during the treatment process. This could include light exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and nutritious food. Every program will be different in what they offer in this respect, and when searching for addiction rehab, these are some good things to inquire about.

If a situation occurs where detox is needed, many treatment centers will be able to provide this service on site prior to entering into the actual treatment program. In some cases, it will be a separate facility but should be equipped to help detox a pregnant woman, specifically. Detox is possible when a woman is pregnant, but must be done by a facility that treats pregnant women. Throughout the United States, more programs are becoming available for pregnant women, and this is because many women, who were pregnant while addicted to drugs, were already battling some form of addiction prior to the pregnancy. When searching for the right treatment programs it is important to have a list of all the questions you may have, as this will be an important treatment process given the circumstances. Throughout the United States, there are programs that are both government's funded and also privately funded; other programs can be found as low-cost and no cost, as not everyone will have insurance or the necessary funds to pay for private treatment. Addiction during pregnancy must be handled right away, and there are more options available throughout the US now than ever before.


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