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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers with Family Programs in the United States

Family programs provided within drug and alcohol treatment centers are there to assist by offering education, crisis support, counseling, and support to family members with loved ones who are struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder. Family members are usually always caught in the middle of these issues, and in so many cases are unable to cope with the stress and quite often do not know how to help their loved ones. Addicts will tend to push their family and friends away throughout their addiction, and this is why it is important for them to begin to rebuild their family life again and repair their current relationships with immediate and extended family.

How do these types of programs help family members?

There are numerous ways that these types of programs help family members with their current problems, and this does include establishing a support network within his or her local community, which is extremely beneficial in the long-term. Other methods include helping the family recognize the different ways they affect the people around them, which assists with them learning new ways to support and help their loved ones struggling with an addiction. One of the more important ways family programs help is educating them about chemical dependency and addiction, how it happens, what it does to the person, and all the many ways family and friends can help and support their loved ones.

How do the family support programs typically operate?

Family members can work with the drug rehab programs their loved one is attending or reach out to family support programs locally if their loved one is not attending treatment. The intake process or screening process will determine the severity of the situation and what type of support will be best and will recommend any urgent referrals if needed. Programs operate in many different ways, whether it is a night program or during the day; the family will be set up with a schedule of services and meet who they will be working with. Once the program has been completed there will typically be on-going support upon completion to ensure the family is maintaining what they have set out to accomplish.

Are there special circumstances where the family can stay at the same treatment center?

Every circumstance is unique, but not every drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will provide this type of service. However; some residential drug rehab centers have services available where the family can stay in the center for a specific duration of time, this is more found with mothers who have children and require the help of the center to take care of their kids during treatment. Regardless of the approach taken, family counseling and support programs play an essential role within the whole rehabilitation process and is a key part in helping a former addict maintain their sobriety and strong family relations.


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