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Information on Family Programs for Drug Addiction

Last Updated: Friday, 28 June 2024
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How do these types of programs help family members?

These programs help family members by establishing a local support network, educating them about addiction, and teaching them new ways to support their loved ones. They also help families understand their impact on each other and rebuild family dynamics, which are often overlooked during rehabilitation.

Below, you can use the filter and select the state to find a family program best suited for your needs. With the right help, any family can be healed, and we aim to point your family in the correct direction.

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List of Family Drug Programs by State

Here is access to our entire drug rehabilitation database with family programs. Please select a state. If you need help locating the right treatment for you, do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists.


Type of Treatment

How do the family support programs typically operate?

Family members can work with the drug rehab programs their loved one is attending or reach out to family support programs locally if their loved one is not attending treatment. The intake process or screening process will determine the severity of the situation and what type of support will be best and will recommend any urgent referrals if needed.

Programs operate in many different ways, whether it is a night program or during the day; the family will be set up with a schedule of services and meet who they will be working with. Once the program has been completed there will typically be ongoing support upon completion to ensure the family is maintaining what they have set out to accomplish.

How can families receive help and support?

Inpatient drug treatment programs will typically provide some type of counseling for families. This can be family counseling services or group support for families. It is important that a family take advantage of this help when needed, as it can be a difficult process to watch a loved one go through addiction.

Are there special circumstances where the family can stay at the same treatment center?

Every circumstance is unique, but not every drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will provide this type of service. However; some residential drug rehab centers have services available where the family can stay in the center for a specific duration of time, this is more found with mothers who have children and require the help of the center to take care of their kids during treatment.

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Counseling for family members provides insight into what their loved ones are going through while they are in treatment. Through this counseling, the family can address their issues and the problems they are facing because of the addiction. Family counseling is an important process for both the addict and the family, and this option should be considered whenever you are choosing a drug treatment program.

Family programs during the treatment process will ensure that family members are better equipped to provide stronger and more stable support to their loved ones when they leave treatment. Addressing the family’s concerns and helping them work through their feelings will begin to build a stronger family dynamic.

When searching for drug and alcohol treatment programs in your state, you should consider the types of family services the facility offers. It is also important to recognize that the family will be going through a tough time as well, and they, too, should be receiving some counseling or therapy. Family services are often part of outpatient and residential programs in the United States. They can be found within both government-sponsored programs or throughout the private network of treatment centers.

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How can a family support an addict?

The best way for family and friends to support their loved ones is to continue to push them to get help, as this is the only way they will be capable of handling their addiction. There will be times when a family will want to give up and just forget about the situation, but there are many avenues a family can take before this can happen.

How can families recognize drug addiction?

One of the best ways to recognize drug addiction is to look for either very subtle or drastic changes in a loved one’s behavior. This can be things like missing work or other obligations, constantly borrowing money, or running into severe debt. The family can notice physical changes in their loved ones, such as weight loss and other illnesses.

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