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One of the problems within the field of addiction is some "referral agencies" are, in fact, owned by treatment centers to fill their beds, which is by itself misleading visitors. This is widely covered on the Internet https://theintercept.com/2017/10/17/google-search-drug-use-opioid-epidemic/.

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Search Drug & Alcohol Rehabs for Addicts with HIV/AIDS by State

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services for Addicts with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

Drug abuse and substance abuse have been linked together for a long time, and all throughout the United States addicts struggle with HIV/AIDS and addiction. Fortunately, drug rehabilitation programs that operate across the country can provide specific services to help addicts who are battling HIV/AIDS. Human immunodeficiency virus and the acquired immune deficiency began as an epidemic in the 1970s and much of the disease was spreading because of illegal drug use. Drug users who are sharing needles or pipes will be at risk of contracting HIV or AIDS or transmitting the disease. Most cities throughout the United States have taken a certain measure to help prevent the spread of this disease, and this is often done with harm prevention programs. Harm reduction will help with needle exchange, medical services, and safe injection sites. Unfortunately, people with HIV or AIDS are still becoming addicted to drugs, and addicts are still contracting this disease. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers all throughout the United States will often have patients who have the disease and require treatment. Unfortunately, not every type of inpatient rehab program is equipped medically to help patients with HIV or AIDS.

Anyone who is addicted to drugs and has HIV or AIDS will require rehabilitation at a particular drug treatment program that has the proper protocols and medical personnel available. The therapy and counseling will be no different than any other drug rehab center, but more medical staff is usually available such as nursing staff. The number of deaths from AIDS has dropped significantly, but the number of overdose deaths because of drug addiction has not necessarily changed. Substance abuse is common among people with HIV/AIDS, and much of this because of exchanging dirty needles and unprotected sex. Both inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in the United States can help people with HIV/AIDS who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Drug addiction is a growing problem within the United States, and many of these problems are stemming from opioids and synthetically made substances. Intravenous drug use is still popular throughout the country, with heroin and other substances that can be injected into the body. The many different harm reduction programs within the United States do help prevent the spread of the disease, but most addicts are still not getting the help they need. Safe injection sites and needle-exchange programs do save lives, but most addicts are not being convinced they need to get help and access to most state funded drug treatment services for persons with HIV/AIDS can be difficult to get. Many private drug treatment services that operate across the United States have the capability and the proper nursing staff to ensure a patient’s well-being can be taken care of. The rehabilitation process will be a unique experience for each addict, and it is important that the proper help is gotten. Many people who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are also struggling with other mental-health problems that will also have to be addressed. Duel diagnosis programs in the United States often treat patients with an addiction, a mental-health problem, and HIV/AIDS. Drug addiction does not have to be a problem that someone has to struggle with all of his or her life. With the proper treatment and support, an addict with HIV/AIDS can overcome their addiction and make a full recovery from the problems of substance abuse.