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Veterans Drug Rehab Services by State

Veterans Drug Rehab Services by State

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services for Veterans in the United States

Substance abuse and addiction has been a common issue with many veterans of the United States Military. Unfortunately, drug addiction can affect veterans at any age, and one of the common causes for addiction is PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Many veterans who have seen combat will struggle with a co-occurring disorder, which is multiple mental-health problems at one time. Veterans who have seen combat will have been through traumatic events, and even multiple deployments can cause mental-health problems to develop. PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is caused when someone witnesses warfare, or any other tragic or startling event, such as what first-responders can go through. Some of the symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, hopelessness, trouble sleeping, aggression, self-destructive behavior, and a low sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, PTSD does lead to substance abuse, and this is because drugs and alcohol are used to cope with the symptoms. When you begin to introduce drugs and alcohol, it will provide temporary relief, but will enhance the physical and psychological symptoms, causing you to want to use more to cope with the increased negative feelings. It has been estimated that roughly 20% or more of veterans who have PTSD, also struggle with a drug addiction or some type of substance abuse problem. Drug treatment programs that focus on the PTSD and the addiction, are the most successful approach, and this is because the symptoms of the PTSD amplify the negative feelings, which does make it hard to remain off drugs and alcohol.

One of the most common drug problems among veterans is prescription-drug abuse. What happens often is a veteran with PTSD will be prescribed drugs such as pain medications, because of injury, benzodiazepines because of anxiety, and sedative because of a sleeping problem. It is easy to become dependent upon and addicted to all the above drugs, when they are not taken as directed by healthcare professionals. It is also common for many of these drugs to be purchased illegally and used in combination with street drugs such as amphetamines, opiates, and alcohol. Because of how PTSD amplifies emotions, many veteran's struggle with drug addiction, and it becomes a vicious cycle of physical and emotional pain that cannot be subsided. Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the United States that can properly treat the PTSD while also offering medical detox, will be the most successful option. Numerous veterans have made significant changes within their lives, given the right help and support. It is difficult to understand what veterans are going through, and because of this, they must receive the proper help.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the most common resource used by veterans, and here they can access drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. Some of the programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide medical, vocational, social, and rehabilitation therapies to any veteran who is dependent upon drugs and alcohol. In order to qualify for Veterans Affairs, you must be enrolled in the VA health care system through a basic medical benefits package for veterans. There is the government website and a VA location finder, where you can locate offices and support programs in your state. Along with this, many of the drug and alcohol treatment services throughout the United States, can provide specific help and treatment for veterans, typically within the private sector. These types of programs would be the best option, because they have the resources and knowledge to help veterans, and in many situations, you are working with other veterans who trained and qualified to help.


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