Drug Rehab Centers Covered by Magellan Health Insurance in Georgia

Last updated: Thursday, 25, November 2021


Health insurance carriers in Georgia will often have healthcare management companies, overseeing the management of the healthcare plans. Magellan Health is a healthcare management organization and provides behavioral health plans and employee assistance programs, among many other services. Your health plan may be managed through Magellan Health, and this is where you would gain access to substance abuse treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Drug addiction is a dangerous problem, and throughout the state of Georgia, many of the communities are impacted by substance abuse, addiction, and crime. Unfortunately, when an addict does not receive the help, they need, their addiction will become worse. Even casual drug use problems will require some type of treatment, whether it is counseling or an outpatient program. Health insurance plans can help alleviate some of the cost, and this can make it easier to access treatment if you have health insurance coverage.

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