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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services with Magellan Health Insurance in the United States

Magellan Health is an American for-profit managed healthcare company, that is focused on special populations. This health insurance provider does have complete pharmacy benefits, and many other specialty areas of healthcare. The customers of Magellan include health plans and other managed care organizations, employers, various military and government organizations, and labor unions. The behavioral health programs within Magellan for substance abuse go beyond traditional by delivering behavioral health and employee assistance program services.

This will include speciality health treatments and integrated care management to health plans, employers, Medicaid, Medicare, and the federal government. As of 2018, roughly 38 million people were covered within commercial industries, and 1.5 million working in government. Some of the Magellan Health plans do focus on pain and prescription-drug abuse, which has increased significantly in recent years. The continuing opioid abuse in the country is accounting for $55 billion dollars in health care costs. The insurance provider does also focus on suicide prevention, and Magellan provides information regarding suicide for anyone who needs access.

Did you know this about Magellan Health insurance coverage?

All Magellan Health plans including LifeResources will pay for at least a portion of your substance abuse treatment, including detox services if necessary.

For substance abuse and addiction treatment coverage, those who are covered by a Magellan health-care plan can receive certain treatment services that will be covered. Magellan’s population health management approach incorporates early assessment and intervention, and the prescription-drug abuse solution diverts individuals using prescription opioids from the path of addiction. One in twenty people uses opioids for non-medical use, and one in 15 people who abuse opioids will try heroin within ten years. On average, 46 people die each day from an opioid overdose, and there has been a 183% increase in opioid use within the last seven years. Within different communities, one in five high-school students' abuse prescription drugs annually, and there are on average 1.5 million emergency-room visits for prescription-drug abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse impacts millions of Americans, and only a portion actually seeks out help for their addiction. Substance abuse will become worse the longer that an addict will be addicted to drugs, and without the right help, there will be an increased chance for an overdose. Substance abuse rehab will not always be cheap, and private programs will come at a cost. With the help of health insurance providers such as Magellan, addicts and their families can use these resources to get treatment they need. Some addicts may require specialized forms of treatment to help with their addiction, and health insurance may cover some of this cost. Drug abuse does not have to be a life-long problem, and you do not have to live your life as an addict, even when you are no longer using drugs. If you are covered by Magellan and are suffering from a substance abuse problem, it will be a good idea to contact your health insurance provider to find out what is covered. People who are covered by Molina Healthcare should reach out to their provider and inquire, and also check with different drug rehab centers to see what may be covered.

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