Drug Rehab Centers Covered by AllWays Health Partners in Utah

Created On Tuesday, 16, May 2017
Modified On Sunday, 05, September 2021


Millions of Americans are suffering from some type of substance abuse disorder, and drug overdose is responsible for tens of thousands of overdose deaths each year within the United States. Residents of Utah who have health insurance can use this coverage to help pay for drug addiction treatment in Utah. Most Americans who live in the state are covered by some type of health plan, and in fact, roughly 61% receive their coverage through their employer. Neighborhood Health is a standard insurance provider in the United States and provides family plans, individual plans, and plans for employers and groups. As of 2019, Neighborhood Health is now AllWays Health but does still offer the same health plans and services. Health insurance is used to help pay for the cost of treatment for drug addiction. However, the extent of coverage will be based on the type of plan you have, and what you are paying into it each month. Each health plan is different, whether it is a government-sponsored plan or one that is private.

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