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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services with Oscar in California

Did you know this about oscar insurance coverage?

Oscar currently serves 3 states: California, New York and Texas. This insurance may cover susbtance abuse treatment, all depending on your individual coverage.

Oscar is a health insurance provider for employers and their employers, families, and individuals living and working throughout California. Oscar does offer various types of health insurance plans that can be selected, and most plans will include some type of basic coverage for the treatment of a substance use disorder. Substance abuse and addiction are a common problem all throughout California, within the larger metropolitan areas, small towns, and larger communities. People who are young and old struggles with addiction, and will tend to use their health insurance, if they are covered, to pay for treatment. Oscar's health insurance plans can be accepted at some of the state-funded or private drug rehabilitation centers in California. When you are searching for a drug rehab program in the state, it will be a good idea to contact your Oscar insurance representative and find out what your plan does cover. It is not always easy to pay for the treatment of a drug addiction, and at least a health insurance plan can provide some financial relief.

Below you can find a listing of the different drug & alcohol rehab services covered by Oscar in California. The list can be incomplete. If you do not find what you looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug & Alcohol Treatments Services Covered by Oscar in California