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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services with Oscar in the United States

The Oscar Health Insurance group is a technology focused health insurance company, that was founded in 2012, and is situated out of New York City. The main focus of the company is on the health insurance industry through telemedicine, and other healthcare focused technological interfaces, and transparent claim pricing systems. Oscar health insurance does currently offer individual health plans in Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee and California, along with small-group health insurance plans in New York.

This particular insurance provider does offer all of its members free 24/7 telemedicine visits through their doctor on call services, and each member is assigned a team of three care guides and registered nurses who handle both traditional customer service questions and coordinate clinical care. The personalized health care plans include the simple bronze package, which is great for healthy individuals over 30 years of age. There is the simple silver plan, which is good for anyone who is generally healthy and has a few yearly doctor visits and takes generic Definition of the word generic prescriptions. Finally, there is the classic silver personalized plan, which is good for anyone who needs a little bit more coverage and for families with young children.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be covered under some plans, but this will depend on the type of plan, and what specific services are covered. Millions of American's struggle with substance abuse each day, and roughly 10% of the 23 million Americans with drug addictions do not get the help they need. When looking for treatment, it will be important to contact your insurance company or going through your employee assistance program. The only way to find out if you are covered for drug treatment is to call the insurance provider directly. There are also some other useful questions to ask the health insurance provider, such as does my policy cover the entire cost of treatment? Is there a list of treatment facilities I can select from? And, are there any limitations regarding treatment, and how long does my policy cover treatment for? Your insurance company providing care, such as Optum should be able to answer these questions, and help you determine what will be the best level of care for your addiction.

Many families with a loved one who is battling addiction will have to turn to their insurance provider to see what type of help they can get. There is a cost involved with the majority of drug and alcohol treatment programs in the United States. Even state financed treatment services can cost something; some addicts will go the way of trying to get a grant or some type of payment assistance. Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans, who do not have health insurance, despite the recent expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. Health insurance plans are not always affordable, but addicts who are covered should check with their insurance provider or contact the different drug and alcohol rehab programs they are looking at.