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Drug & Alcohol Rehabs with Residential Beds for Children by State

Drug & Alcohol Rehabs with Residential Beds for Children by State

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services with Residential Beds for Clients' Children in the U.S.

Residential drug and alcohol treatment programs can serve both men and women, and there are also numerous inpatient centers who only treat women battling substance abuse and other issues. Women only drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs will often have the capacity to treat its clients, while also providing care for their children. In many case's women who are battling drug and alcohol addiction will have children, and there will be circumstances where they will seek out treatment but will have no one to look after the children.

Drug and alcohol abuse is difficult to go through, and a woman trying to raise children and battling a substance abuse problem is not a good combination. Women only rehabilitation centers provide inpatient care along with the various treatment methodologies to help the addict. What is also important is that some women only rehab center's do offer child care options. This can be in the form of extra beds available for children of addicts, which can make the treatment process easier for a woman who has children, and no one to watch them as she goes through rehabilitation. The same circumstances can happen with men, although not as common, some inpatient drug rehab programs in the country may also offer help for men with children who need care.

Beds for children in residential treatment will often be offered at either short-term or long-term rehab centers in the country. This is a specific service and may not be offered at every residential drug rehab center, but within most states, this type of service should be available. Unfortunately, there are many parents throughout the United States, who are struggling with substance abuse and children are often involved. Children with parents who are addicts will require proper support, and experts working at inpatient drug rehab centers can provide this for them. Many statistics have shown that nearly 12% of American children had lived with a parent or guardian that was dependent on drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse can harm children in numerous ways, which does include neglect, increased risk of injuries, and accidents. Unfortunately, it is very common for children of an addict to grow up and also battle some type of substance abuse problem later in life. Relationships between children and their parents can be repaired, and this can be done through proper therapy. Drug rehab centers who offer beds for children while their parents are in treatment can be effective when done properly, but this is often only for women in need who have no one else to look after their kids.

Children will experience a wide range of emotions when their parent goes to rehab, they may not fully understand what is happening, or they may have a comprehension of the problem. A child may feel sad or happy about the situation, sad that their parent is going away, but happy they are getting the help they need. Many women who are addicts, and with children will not seek out help because they will have no one to look after their kids. In many situations, the responsibility falls onto other family members to take care of the kids. However, when this is not possible, other options can be explored to ensure the children are taken care of while the parent attends drug rehab. Beds for children and residential drug treatment is not an uncommon thing, as women’s shelters throughout the United States will take in women and their children when they are in need. Locating the best possible help is important, and women or men who are battling addiction and have children, should not waste time getting the treatment they require.



Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years.


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