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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services with The Holman Group in the United States

The Holman Group are pioneers in behavioral healthcare and substance abuse and are continually creating new and innovative solutions and partnerships with employees and health plans in the commercial, and Medi-cal and Medicare providers. The Holman Group provides employee assistance programs and manages behavioral healthcare plans with a nationwide network of contracted providers and facilities. The following services can be offered through the Holman Group, and these are mental health and substance abuse inpatient and outpatient benefits.

Federal and state compliant managed behavioral healthcare plans, organizational development interventions, and organizational change, along with integrated behavioral healthcare plans. The treatment philosophy involves symptom reduction with a brief therapy model, and the goal is restoring the client to their highest level of functioning within the shorter period of time. The employee or dependent who has a plan can access the services that will be staffed by a life intake specialist or operator.

Did you know this about The Holman Group coverage?

The Holman Group insurance usually covers substance abuse treatment services, but it all depends on your individual coverage.

The intake specialist will ensure that the member is connected to a licensed counselor right away or will speak with the member to find out what he or she will need. There are 24-hour hotlines, a national network of licensed providers, clinical account management, care management, and referrals to community resources. Within these health insurance plans, members can work to resolve to co-exist behavioral health or lifestyle issues, to achieve optimal health. Members will be able to find credible information on the behavioral health and lifestyle issues, and other services. Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that millions of Americans struggle with, and health insurance plans help make getting help affordable. Drug treatment will not always be affordable for every family, and they will have to contact their insurance provider to find out what will be covered by insurance. Different plans do provide different types of coverage, and the Holman Group provides various plans to help its members find the treatment services they need for behavioral health problems.

Over 23 million Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and a small percentage of Americans seek out help. There are numerous reasons why someone would not get the help, they need to treat an addiction, and financial constraint is a top one. Not every family can afford drug treatment, and many will have to rely on state financed drug treatment to help them through their addiction. State-funded programs do work with different insurance providers, and Holman Health Insurance plans will help its members find specialized treatment they may need. Provider facilities can be found on their website, and this will also be listed in the type of health insurance plan that is gotten.

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