Tranquilizer Addiction Detox & Rehabilitation Services in Alaska

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Rehabilitation services for tranquilizer addiction allow the person to safely come off the drugs, which can be very challenging when tackling it on your own. It also may not be safe, depending on which drug you’re taking, as several can produce withdrawal symptoms that are deadly and require medical management. Anyone who’s unsure about this should contact a treatment center and speak with a professional about what they’re taking, and what the risks of stopping are. If medical detox is needed, some facilities provide this as the first step in the treatment process. If not, then you can utilize a stand-alone medical detox facility and then transfer to the program of your choice for treatment. A lot of facilities that don’t have medical detox units work with specific ones and can streamline the process for you. But it’s important to know that medical detox isn’t treatment, and only gets a person off drugs safely. They will still need treatment to be able to maintain recovery, so it’s important to see this through even though they’ll be feeling much better after detox.

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Alaska is a remote state that is separated from the rest of the United States of America by Canada, so it doesn’t get a lot of press for having a reputation as a state with big drug problems. But surprisingly, Alaska has some pretty serious drug problems when considering how sparsely populated the state is. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2017, 102 people died in Alaska from drug overdoses. That’s a lot of lives that could’ve been saved if they would’ve gotten help from drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. Among these deaths were undoubtedly several drug combinations, including the use of tranquilizers.

Tranquilizers are so deadly because when they combine with other drugs, they can depress the breathing and heart rate so much that it kills the person. Tranquilizers can also kill by themselves, depending on how much is taken, and what drug. It’s a broad classification of drugs that include everything from benzodiazepines like Valium to antipsychotic drugs like Thorazine. Basically, anything which causes sedation.

Tranquilizers are abused for this effect, and often this can begin from a prescription like sleeping pills. Tolerance develops rapidly, and soon the person isn’t getting the desired effect and takes more. Once addiction develops, the prescription is gone within days and the person must resort to obtaining them illegally or doctor shopping.

Here is a list of the different alcohol and drug addiction resources for Tranquilizers addiction in Alaska. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Detox Services for Tranquilizers Addiction in Alaska


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